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Most people refer to car upholstery to car seats and dashboards. This isn’t entirely untrue as these are most noticeable sections of a vehicle’s interior set up. But car upholstery is much broader. In modern cars, upholstery is found in almost all sections and components of a car’s interior. We can see automakers are fitting upholstery in steering wheels, doors, interior door panels, headliners, floors, trunk, and even in the exterior in case of convertibles and classic cars. The upholstery in cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, motorhomes, or boats is made from a combination of various materials namely vinyl, leather, and fabric.

The materials used in car upholstery are generally stain resistant and durable than other kinds of upholstery. But that does not mean that the upholstery won’t get damaged or wear out over time. The fabric is used in the upholstery of headliners. It is not uncommon to see the fabric in the headliners become saggy, rippled or loose over time especially in older or classic cars. Therefore, it is necessary that you keep the interior of your car clean and maintain the upholstery on a regular basis to increase the longevity of the upholstery.

Car Headliner

The headliner is an essential component of a car’s upholstery. The headliner consists of padding and carpet that is attached to the roof inside the vehicle. Headliners provide insulation and soundproofing to the car. Headliners also conceal the wiring, electrical connections, and other small components inside the vehicle. Furthermore, headliners are pivotal in providing the vehicle’s interior with a clean and finished look. In the 1970s, carmakers used headliners made of fabric and vinyl, but these materials are not being used in modern cars. Instead, the manufacturers opted for the modern molded pressboard style headliner.

Car Headliner Thousand Oaks

When Should I Replace My Car Headliner?

Car headliners accumulate dust, dirt, odors, and moisture. If you want the inside of your car to clean and odor free, replace the headliner when necessary. We already mentioned the fabric of headliners will become loose or sag over time. Besides being an eyesore, a damaged headliner can be dangerous if it completely detaches from the roof and falls on the driver while driving.

Car headliner can become rippled or loose for a number of reasons. At first, there is a possibility that the cardboard backing of the headliner can absorb excess moisture rendering it weak and loose. In addition, the foam in the headliner will get degraded over time and needs to be replaced. Fixing the headliner is less tedious than other upholstery repairs in cars. The rigid backing of the headliner can be substituted with ABS plastic which repels moisture. The foam of the headliner can be replaced with polymer-based foam which tends to last much longer.

Car Headliner Repair Costs

Costs associated with repairing or replacing car headliners depends on the make and year of the vehicle. Repair costs also vary on the duration it takes to complete the project. To give some context, the cost of repairing the headliner of a VW Jetta is almost twice as expensive to fix the headliner of a similarly sized Honda or Nissan’s headliner. It is because the engineering and manufacturing process of German vehicles is more complex than the Japanese made cars.

Can I Replace My Car Headliner Myself?

Although the car headliner is less technically complicated than any other component of a vehicle, it still requires some effort and patience to install a new headliner on a car. Newer cars have more complicated headliner installations than older cars. Therefore, we recommend you hire an experienced and professional auto upholsterer for all of your car headliner repairs or replacements.

When it comes to your cars’ interior, it is annoying to see your car headliner loose and sagging. It looks depressing and a saggy or loose headliner can also fall over your head while driving, obscuring your view and can cause serious accidents. If you can’t find a professional auto upholsterer specializing in headliners, contact Car headliner Thousand Oaks for all of your for car headliner repairs or replacements. Car headliner Thousand Oaks is your one-stop destination for all of your car headliner repairs and replacements.

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