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In auto upholstery, people assume that car seats and the dashboards are only forms of car upholstery, but car upholstery is much broader. It is true the car seats and the dashboard are the most noticeable part of a car’s interior, modern cars have upholstery is almost all sections and components of the interior such as headliners, floors, doors and interior door panels. Convertibles and some older and vintage cars have upholstery in the exterior with the likes of convertible tops and vinyl roof covers.

Speaking of car seats or seat covers to be specific, the upholstery of seat covers is predominantly made of fabric, vinyl or leather. Though the materials used in the upholstery are extremely durable and stain resistant. They will get damaged and show signs of wear and tear like rips or holes in them. Therefore, it is essential that you maintain the upholstery of your car or truck on a regular basis to ensure the longevity of the upholstery.  When the time comes to repair or replace the upholstery of your car seats or seat covers, we recommend you hire an experienced auto upholsterer or auto upholstery shop for all your seat covers upholstery tasks.

Leather Seat Covers

Leather-clad seats have been associated with luxury when it comes to cars. The suppler the leather was, the higher the finish was, the more expensive and high-end the car was said to be. Well not anymore. Things have changed drastically recently and leather upholstery has become more affordable and mainstream. Carmakers are now offering leather as an option in all of their lineup of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

But, the question still lingers about the available alternatives a car owner has if he or she wants leather seats but don’t simply have the mean to pay premium-quality leather upholstery. There is the obvious option of buying a used luxury car or truck, where he or she can enjoy the comfy leather seats including all the amenities of a luxury vehicle. Then there is the question of a group of people who want to savor the feeling of a fancy leather interior for a few more years before they decide to replace the leather upholstery of their car seats. Fortunately, there is a company called Katzkin which caters to these demands.

Katzkin Leather Seat Covers

Founded in 1983 by the Mitch Katz and Leslie Katz, Katzkin is considered to be the largest supplier of aftermarket leather seat covers in the US. The company boasts to have the latest state-of-the-art CNC equipment and highly skilled leather craftsmen. Katzkin has the ability to assemble a set of seat skins and ship them to any professional auto upholsterer for installation within 24 hours.  Katzkin has over 2,500 models of seat covers in its product lineup and includes most pickup trucks and SUVs built in the last decade.

Do you want to have a luxurious, premium leather upholstered interior in your car or truck? Have you always fancied about driving a luxury car or truck with leather seats and upholstery, but never had the possibility to get one because of the exorbitantly high prices at the dealership? Well, Katzkin Leather Seat Covers have you covered. Thanks to leather seat covers by Katzkin, it is now possible to upgrade the outdated fabric seat covers of your car or truck. No matter how outrageous your dream of having leather seat covers in your vehicle is, the people at Katzkin will make it happen and deliver it.  Katzkin seat covers are your best bet when you want to enhance the comfort, style, and luxury of your car or pickup truck at competitive rates.

Katzkin is the manufacturer of premier custom leather seats. At Thousand Oaks Auto Upholstery, in partnership with a network of professional auto upholsterers, we have installed our premium leather seat covers in over two million vehicles. Katzkin leather interiors including Katzkin seat covers will dramatically change the look and feel of your vehicle’s interior.  Furthermore, Katzkin leather seats covers will enhance the overall look and feel of your car or truck is all aspects of comfort, durability, and style.  Our expert seat cover upholsterers will replace your fabric seat covers from your seats with new Katzkin interior, including the dashboard, the center console, and the door panels.  Katzkin provides a nationwide guarantee on our leather seats or a 3-year or 36,000–mile warranty on the seat covers.

Whether you are repairing or upgrading the upholstery of your car, truck, RV, convertible motorhome, motorcycle, boat, or yacht, make Thousand Oaks Auto Upholstery, your number one choice for all of car upholstery needs. We provide the best quality craftsmanship at the best rates.

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