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Vinyl tops usually refers to the vinyl covering the top of a car. Cars with vinyl tops were extremely popular with American car buyers and were considered as a distinguishing characteristic of American cars in the 1970s. Vinyl tops were originally developed to give cars with a fixed roof a resemblance of convertibles. As the cars become popular among the public, it grew into a category of its own.

In the late 70s, cars with vinyl tops were also popular on European and Japanese markets, though this design element was most featured in their sports or luxury editions of their standard sedan models. The use of vinyl in car roofs and tops or broadly speaking in the upholstery in cars is nothing new and dates back to the 1920s. Those days the auto upholsterers used leather, canvas, and vinyl in combination with landau bars to reproduce the movable top as seen in the horse-drawn carriages.  In the 1930s and 1940s, the techniques were developed further and replaced with uniform, “envelope” bodies. However, the cars were fitted with modern metal roofs.Vinyl Tops Thousand Oaks

Automakers continued installing vinyl tops on their cars throughout the 1980s, but the appeal of vinyl top cars began to fade in the 1990s. The Lincoln Continental was among the last mass-produced vinyl top cars made by Detroit with production ending in 2002.

Today, vinyl tops are mostly seen in limousines and hearses primarily for practical reasons rather than as a design feature. The vinyl tops help to conceal the welded body seams in these type of vehicles which results when standard-sized sedans are extended. In addition, car enthusiasts are also putting vinyl tops on their customized cars.

Four Styles of Vinyl Tops

Typically, there are four types of vinyl tops that were seen in cars produced during the 1960s and 1970s.

  1. Full Vinyl Tops – Full vinyl tops are among the most common. Here the vinyl covers the entire top of the car, including the C pillars. The pillars supporting the windshields may or may not be covered. The full vinyl top is largely seen on four-door models. Full vinyl tops cars include 1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III, 1970 Opel Commodore A, and 1972 Opel Diplomat B.
  2. Halo Vinyl Tops – Halo vinyl tops resemble the full vinyl tops, but in this vinyl top design the vinyl covers only the tops of the windshield and the side windows. This results in the impression of a “halo” painted metal sheet between the vinyl and the glass area, hence the name “halo vinyl top.” Halo vinyl tops include Ford LTD.
  3. Canopy Vinyl Tops – In this category of vinyl tops, the vinyl covers only the front half of the car’s roof or the two-thirds of the roof. The vinyl covering ends at the edge of the rear side windows. Canopy vinyl tops cars include 1973 Plymouth Duster and 1964 Chrysler 300K.


  1. Landau Vinyl Tops – Landau vinyl tops is the opposite of canopy vinyl tops. In this category of vinyl tops, the vinyl covers a quarter or third of the roof from the rear. The vinyl covering also includes the C pillars. The vinyl top also extends to edge of the front or rear side windows. Landau vinyl tops cars include Lincoln Continental Town Coupé, Chrysler New Yorker, and Chrysler Fifth Avenue.

Vinyl Tops Thousand Oaks

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