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In the upholstery industry, most people associate auto upholstery with the seats and dashboard of cars and trucks. That is true to some extent, but upholstery is broader than what most people expect. Nowadays, upholstery is found in cars, trucks, RVs, convertibles, motorhomes, motorcycles, boats, yachts, and even on the interior designs of residential and commercial buildings. Upholstery is found in all sections and components of cars and motorcycles such as seats, handlebars, headliners, doors, interior door panels, floors, trunks, and so on.

The materials used in upholstery in automobiles and motorcycles are primarily made of fabric, vinyl or leather.  The materials used in the upholstery are extremely durable and stain resistant, but they will fade, get damaged or degrade over time. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the upholstery of your car, truck, or motorcycle on a regular basis to ensure the longevity of the upholstery.  While repairing or replacing the upholstery of the seats or seat covers, we recommend you hire an experienced motorcycle upholsterer or motorcycle upholstery shop for all your motorcycle upholstery tasks.

Our Motorcycle Seats Offer the Most Comfortable Riding Experience

Most of the upholstery in motorcycles is focused on the seats.  Motorcycle Upholstery Thousand Oaks believes in providing high-quality and comfort for your ride. Bikers complain about the discomfort they feel when riding for long distances. By installing custom gel pads into the motorcycle seats will make your long trips more comfortable and enjoyable. At Motorcycle Upholstery Thousand Oaks, all of our motorcycle upholstery services are custom built for your body and the bike seat. This customized service ensures for you to get the most out of your riding experience regardless if it a short trip around the city or town or a road trip in the country.

Motorcycle Upholstery Thousand OaksBike seats are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and comfort levels depending on the manufacturer. But that doesn’t mean that you are left without any choices. At Motorcycle Upholstery Thousand Oaks, we provide reupholstery services for motorcycle seats including foam repair and foam shaping, gel pad insertion, and complete overhauling and redesigning of your motorcycle seat. You will not find any Velcro straps holding your seat cover in place in our customized motorcycle seats. Every customization to your motorcycle seat will be installed for your comfort.

Fast and Affordable Motorcycle Seat Comfort

If you are looking for a fast, affordable, and comfortable custom motorcycle seat for your bike, we at Motorcycle Upholstery Thousand Oaks have you covered. It is relatively easy and affordable to make your original motorcycle seat comfortable by installing a comfy gel pad inside the seat. The turn-around time for this service is short so you don’t have to wait for days to get back on the road.  Basic reupholstering and conditioning is an efficient and cost-effective technique to prolong the life of your motorcycle seat, ATV seat, trail bike, or snowmobile seat. There is a huge variety of colors and upholstery choices are available. The service, quality, and rates with Motorcycle Upholstery Thousand Oaks for your motorcycle seats with gel pads or complete motorcycle upholstery job are unparalleled in Thousand Oaks, California.

Your bike is an expression of your individuality and freedom. Extended usage will wear out your motorcycle seat over time. A worn out, flattened, or saggy isn’t only unattractive, it is also uncomfortable and may keep you from riding altogether. Reupholster your motorcycle seat with us, Motorcycle Upholstery Thousand Oaks, and get back out on the road and ride with style. Our expert motorcycle upholsterers will re-upholster your motorcycle seat in the way you want it, whether you want in the original factory settings or in a custom design.

At Motorcycle Upholstery Thousand Oaks, our professional motorcycle upholsterers design motorcycle seats to fit every rider.  At Motorcycle Upholstery Thousand Oaks, our custom-designed motorcycle gel pads and cushions are made from high-quality polymer-based gels to maximize comfort and improve shock absorption.  In addition to motorcycle upholstery, we also design and supply custom-fit seats and gel pads for bicycles, race cars, ATVs, trikes, wheelchairs, trucks, cars, snowmobiles forklifts, riding mowers, helm seats, go-karts, scooters, mattresses, and much more.

If your bike is looking like it’s been ridden hard, you need the services of Motorcycle Upholstery Thousand Oaks. In addition to repairing and replacing motorcycle seats, we also provide customized motorcycle seats ranging custom graphics and colors, to aftermarket seats and saddlebags. Services we offer include custom stitching (leather, vinyl, or fabric), single or dual seats, custom sissy bars, touring, street, or dirt bikes.  Whether you ride a Harley, Triumph, Honda, or Kawasaki, we would love to work on your bike so you can get out and enjoy it again.

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